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Rockland Trust is officially an Executive Sponsor of the MBRC

Executive Sponsor

How Does It Work?

The business will meet with a Middleborough Business Resource Center representative who will confidentially assess the business needs and will provide up to two professional referrals for each service needed. The business will have thirty days to contact one or both of the professionals by phone and decide with which person to meet.  The professionals will be notified by the MBRC in advance and will be expecting the call.

Businesses will not have access to multiple discounted services for the same area of expertise. However, businesses are encouraged to work with a variety of disciplines to meet their needs.

*If the phone interview accedes 30 minutes and initiates material service-related dialog, the adviser may choose to initiate the three free hour countdown providing the business owner is notifies to that effect.

Paul DiGiuseppe Discusses the Purpose of the Middleborough Business Resource Center

by ECON DEV SHOW | Host: Dane Carlson

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