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Rockland Trust is officially an Executive Sponsor of the MBRC

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Business Finance

Many business owners start a business because they are skilled at what they do, and have a great passion for the business. They are often driven by the belief that they can do better than the companies who initially hired and trained them. However, actually running, growing and transitioning a successful business is very complicated. There are many details to process. And one of the most important is making sound financial decisions.

The MBRC can help! Our hand-selected professional advisors include CPAs, CFOs, and Exit Advisors who can show you how to run your business more profitably. Our advisors understand the steps needed to increase enterprise value during growth years, as well as how to manage cash flow during challenging times.

The MBRC additionally has firsthand knowledge of federal and local grants, as well as special financing programs available for Middleborough businesses.

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